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Seasoned Mug

Seasoned Mug
Coffee Stout

Historical Note: When you hear Navy sailors or submariners discuss coffee, you quickly realize that the cup of Joe, the mid-watch mud, the ricky rocket, the go-go-juice… was (and still is) a religion. You’ll hear obsession over who made it, how, in what pot, for what cup. One of the keys to proper consumption/worship was to never wash your coffee cup … ever.  A “seasoned mug” was a sacred thing of beauty. So, we’ve infused a friendly stout recipe with just a hint of fresh-roasted coffee from our local and beloved artisan coffee roaster, Moschetti.  Enjoy (but we give you permission to wash your pint glass).

Style: Coffee Stout
Format: 4 x 16oz
ABV: 6.6%
IBU: 36




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